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Riley Graham | Author Interview

Another interview! I really enjoyed answering these questions.

MCG Reviews and Rants...

After doing the review for Accidents & Incidents, I asked Riley if she would like to answer a few questions that mostly popped into my mind while writing the review. And she agreed. Yay! Here are her answers which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did.

What can you tell us about you that we can’t find anywhere else?
I go through phases during which I get really obsessed with a certain thing and do tons of research on it. A few years ago, it was holistic pet foods. Last year, it was The Doctor Oz Show. I had to stop watching because I couldn’t keep track of all the information and it was taking up way too much of my time trying to.

What was your inspiration for your debut novel, Accidents & Incidents?
It actually started with a play I wrote many years ago, in which a girl walks out to the…

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Accidents & Incidents by Riley Graham | Book Review

My first review!

MCG Reviews and Rants...

Accidents & Incidents

Title: Accidents & Incidents
Author: Riley Graham
YA romance, Coming of Age
222 pages in print
ebook, print
Buy at:

Summary: Sometimes finding love means taking the scenic route …

Living with her faultfinding mother has taught Leslie not to ask for much. Just watch your step, stay on the sidelines, and take what you can get. But she wants a mom who thanks her for cleaning the kitchen instead of yelling at her for missing a spot, and a boyfriend who does more than score her a seat at the popular table—someone who actually notices her sitting there.

So when Cain, the school heartbreaker, turns his Carolina blue eyes her way, Leslie can’t help but be tempted, even if he’s her boyfriend’s best friend. Things get even more complicated when Leslie strikes up unlikely friendships with Meredith, Cain’s girlfriend, and Dennis, a boy…

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YAtopia Interview and Giveaway

My interview on YAtopia, a great teen lit blog, posted Sunday. Check it out and enter to win a free signed book or bookmarks! 

Accidents & Incidents Giveaway!

Click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter to win a signed paperback or bookmark!
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Accidents & Incidents – Now Available in Paperback

Buy it now on Amazon & get a free Kindle copy with purchase!

iTunes, Paperback, and Booklikes

Accidents & Incidents is now live on iTunes! I also received my new paperback proof today with the cover adjustments and approved the listing, so hopefully it will show up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the next few days. I’m really happy with the way the paperback turned out, and am immensely grateful to my cover artist for all the hard work she did.

I’ve also heard from most of the winners of the giveaway I did on Booklikes. I now have potential readers not only here in North Carolina, but also New York, Texas, France, Malaysia, Poland, and Romania! That’s pretty cool.

Paperback, iBooks, & Other News

For those waiting for the paperback version of Accidents & Incidents, I just wanted to give you a quick update. I received the proof last week and need to have a couple of adjustments made to the cover. As soon as that’s done and it’s ready to go, I’ll post an update here. Remember, if you buy the paperback from Amazon, you can get a free digital copy for your Kindle! I’m also deciding between a matte and glossy finish; let me know if you have any thoughts on this! The matte looks good but I’m thinking glossy might look even better.

I am also still waiting for iBooks to list the book; hopefully it will be live in another week or two.

In other news, I am now on Booklikes, Goodreads, and LibraryThing; check out the links in the sidebar to see what I’m reading and to friend me on any of those sites.

Happy reading!

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